Top Bollywood Divas Shining at Cannes film festival 2017

The 3 popular Indian stars shining at Cannes 2017- Deepika Padukone, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Sonam Kapoor. And of course a special mention to Aishwarya’s little daughter, Aaradhya who shone in her customised Gauri&Nainika dress and her signature cutesy hairband right next to her stunning mother.

Deepika Padukone

Deepika’s looks ranged from minimalistic to a full blown smokey in emerald tones. The looks that really caught our eye were the ones with the teal wing and the emerald smokey. Her stylist really went next level when she chose an emerald dress, emerald eyes and emerald shoes!

deepika padukon in cannes film festival

The teal graphic eye- this makeup look was done while keeping the eye as the focal feature and keeping the rest of the makeup extremely clean and simple. Strobed cheekbones, that mocha lip, THAT BROW and clean skin is just so refreshing.

deepika padukon cannes

That dress, the messy top bun along with the smokey eyes and flushed cheeks- she looks effortlessly beautiful. Like she could’ve woken up like this and cut glass with those collarbones and jawline.

deepika padukon in cannes film festival

Just when you could think, can get it get better? She steps out looking like this- like a goddess in those textured waves, the bold lip and that dress (WOW!)- like when you show nothing but can just have a peak at those never ending legs.

deepika padukon makeup in cannesTHAT EMERALD SMOKEY IS EVERYTHING! Those chocolatey brown eyes set against the emerald smokey eye shadow looks stunning. Surprisingly, I like the matching look because she’s kept the lips nude and the hair really clean.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is known to be the world’s most beautiful woman and she definitely did live upto that. Her range of lip colours and the Elsa- Cinderella look made everyone swoon, sit up and take notice. Coz when she walks in, you GOTTA SIT UP AND TAKE NOTICE!

aishwarya rai at cannes film festival

This look came with a green dress,a bold lip and middle parted textured beachy waves. The skin was kept fresh and clean with the lips doing the talking!

aishwarya rai bachan at cannes film festival france

This look was EVERYTHING! That stunning gown on the red carpet which could’ve easily overwhelmed anyone else, but not queen Bee. She carried that voluminous gown with as much ease as a pant suit. The sleek poker straight middle parted hair,fresh skin, matte brown lip and just lots of mascara uplifted the look a couple of notches.

aishwarya rai makeup at cannes film festival

Last year, the lavender lip shook the fashion world and this year her makeup artist Charlotte Willer brought it back darker, with a blue ombre liner and lots of mascara. Hair middle parted with curls completed this look.

aishwarya rai in red at cannes

Once again, the voluminous waves were back with a ruffled hot red dress(just like the dancing lady emoticon). The lips were in a rich shade of maroon cherry with eyeliner lining the eyes and lots of mascara.

aishwarya rai makeup at cannes film festival

Black is bound to be a part of everyone’s wardrobe and Aishwarya’s stylist Aastha made sure it was a pat of hers and HOW! She picked an off shoulder asymmetric dress which was brought together with a dangerous bright orange lip, fierce winged liner and eyes in turquoise. Messy waves completed the look.

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor is a style icon who always surprises the audience with her sartorial choices. Her core team comprises of sister Rhea who styles her, friend & celebrity MUA Namrata Soni who does her makeup. Her look at the Cannes 2017 was full power and she did no disappoint.

Sonam Kapoor at Cannes film festival

This look was hashtagged sporty spice and rightly so! The sari was paired with a sporty white blouse and some very interesting jewelry. The makeup look was kept fresh for the daytime with soft pink for the lips and eyes. Black eyeliner, pink tinted cheeks and lots of mascara with hair neatly tied in a bun competed the look.

Sonam Kapoor makeup at cannes

Pink seemed to be Sonam& Teams favorite colour for the Cannes festival. She flooredeveryone at the red carpet with a pink Elie Saab gown with custom jewelry (designed by sister Rhea). The makeup look was in rose gold tones with a peach pink glossy lip and modern day Namrata version of the cut crease in shades of pink and gold. A thin eyeliner, curled wispy lashes and flushed cheeks complete with a messy mid parted low bun were the perfect accompaniments to the dramatic gown.

Sonam Kapoor at cannes film festival

This look gave a very bohoRekha- FridaCahlo vibe. The makeup was once again dominated by pinks. The bright pink lip, pink & coral eye makeup with a purple eyeliner is definitely up Sonam’s alley. This look is easy to achieve but not as easy to carry off.

sonam kapoor

This daytime mint green look comprised of a trouser sari by friend and designer Masaba Gupta. Her hair lips were painted bright red with kohl/ liner on the lower lash line with lots of mascara and the hair was swept to one side with a milkmaid braid along her crown.

sonam kapoor at cannes

This look was another powerful GOLDEN blockbuster that was perfect fit for the red carpet! The Elie Saab golden gown was complimented with shimmery gold smokey eyes and nude lips. The hair was kept fairly simple with a textured middle parted open hairdo.

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