Career as a Male Makeup Artist in India

If the makeup industry had, HAD, to have a point of contention, it would be that there are not enough males in the industry. The makeup industry is primarily a female driven one, especially in India. While there are ample male models and designers, there aren’t nearly enough male makeup artists. If someone asks you to name prominent makeup artists in India, you would probably say Ambika Pillai, Chandni Singh, Vidya Tikari. Why don’t any male makeup artists make the tip of most tongues when asked this question?

This originates from deep societal problems where anything related to makeup implies itself as feminine. Many Indian parents would probably get a shock if their son proclaimed that he wants to become a makeup artist. The first reaction would be, “Are you a girl?” This builds a sense of guardedness among boys, which manifests onto their career prospects being decided on the requirement of having a ‘manly job’. Engineering, Medicine, Business – the idea of being a makeup artist would probably be the last thing a boy thinks of when choosing a career path. This leads to boys with aspirations to be makeup artists being bullied and picked on for this choice. The superficial need to have a ‘manly job’ not only limits males, but hurts our chances of seeing the next big makeup artist. This damaging psyche needs to be eradicated if there are to be more successful male makeup artists in the business.

Another reason for the dearth of male makeup artists is the misconception that most of them are homosexual. India is a country that suffers from crippling homophobia, resulting in most male makeup artists being looked down upon because of that preconceived notion.

Makeup is a field that should inherently transcend gender and sexual orientation – as long as your MUA makes you look fabulous, you shouldn’t care whether they’re gay, male or both. The stellar track record of male makeup artists like Elton Fernandez, Daniel Bauer and Mickey Contractor adds credence to this notion. However, the current landscape of the makeup faces a scarcity of male makeup artists. To change this scenario, there is a need to throw away all these prejudices and judge MUAs based on merit. Our male investor wholeheartedly believes in this principle and so does every single member of BrushUp. Come join us to get started on your makeup journey!


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