A Career as a Make-Up Artist

Are you a person who loves experimenting new looks on yourself and your friends? Do you consider yourself an artist and the human face a canvas where you can unleash your genius? Are you completely aware of which colors look fabulous on different skin tones? These are telltale signs that you were born to have a career in makeup!


You’re in luck, because demand for makeup artists today has reached astronomical levels! Almost everyone today wants to look good, and you hold the key for making that happen. Film and TV productions need someone like you to transform their actors into the most desirable people in the country. The same goes for modeling, as its prerogative wouldn’t be reached unless you make the models into legitimate head-turners. Finally, it wouldn’t be erroneous to state that there wouldn’t be any weddings in India without the presence of a makeup artist. You hold the secret elixir that makes the bride radiate that perfect combination between traditional and glamorous. Without the bride, there would be no wedding and without you, there would be no bride!


The world is your oyster, as you can also work in salons, spas, cosmetic companies and more. If you have an affinity for writing, you can contribute your opinions to magazines or websites. You could even write your own blog and create a fan base in the process!


A common misconception still ingrained in our society is that the process of being a makeup artist applies only to women. That is a complete myth! While many revered makeup artists are women (Chandini Singh, Vidya Tikari, Ambika Pillai, Namrata Soni, etc.), there is an abundance of male makeup artists, like Mario Dedivanovic (Kim Kardashian fame!), Elton Fernandez, Mickey Contractor, Daniel Bauer, etc. By the same logic, it isn’t strange at all for men to put on makeup. Looking glam is applicable for both genders!


As you would have figured, you don’t get that far by reading books or watching YouTube videos. On-the- job training, preferably as an apprentice or assistant to a reputed makeup artist, is critical in achieving access. This makes you well-versed with the latest trends, imperative because a makeup artist is also a trendsetter. Additionally, upskilling short-term courses are incredibly helpful in broadening your scope. It is here where BrushUp can help you on your journey!


BrushUp offers various short-term courses to get you started on your journey in make-up. Our tie-up with MASA (Makeup Art Standards Authority) London makes us a credible source to obtain relevant, current information about make-up. Whether it is a 6-week course in makeup artistry or a 3-hour one-on- one session in self-make- up, we have a variety of courses to satiate that budding artist in you. BrushUp invites you to join our next batch on January 2, 2017 to get that kickstart for your makeup career!

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