Customizable Makeup Classes in Gurgaon – Brushup Institute

Have you ever been through the deflating process of finally finding that perfect makeup for you, only to see it discontinued in a few months? Or that devastating situation when you find a fabulous top at the store whose makeup color you don’t have? These are all unsavory situations where you find yourself wishing for that flawless, magical product seamlessly providing the perfect look for you. Such situations are commonplace, ending up with you cursing your current cosmetics for failing to truly complement you any time, any place. Thanks to new-age technology, all these problems are overcome with just a little bit of effort from your side.

While many of us want an expert makeup artist to transform us into ethereal beings, some of us like to literally take matters into our own hands. Establishments like The Lip Lab have been immensely successful in adding a do-it- yourself aspect to makeup. It allows customers to play around with colors, aromas and textures, resulting in you having your favorite lipstick shade made in minutes.

For those of us keen to experiment and play around with our shades, customizable makeup might just be the Holy Grail. Makeup brands like MAC and NYX have started to really ride on this crest and deliver personalized products allowing you to experiment with all aspects. There are customizable palettes for everything these days: blushes, eye shadow, even contour powders.

There may be some of you possessing concerns over whether this makes a makeup artist obsolete. Such notions couldn’t be further away from the truth. In fact, customizable makeup gives you the scope to experiment even further and come up with styles unheard of. You go into work knowing there is no client demand beyond your reach. A game changer for those makeup artists consistently looking to innovate, customizable makeup promises to completely transform the world of makeup as we know it.

BrushUp’s Self Makeup Sessions help you figure out how to use these various shades to your advantage, providing one-on- one as well as group sessions. We teach you the basics of mixing and experimenting so that you have the know-how to support your imaginative mind. Come start your makeup journey today!


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