The Power of Makeup

There is a big misconception about, “Wearing makeup is a sign of insecurity.” There is a lack of understanding among people about why makeup is applied. It is not done to make someone look beautiful but it makes the already beautiful person look more glorified by enhancing their best features.
“She’s wearing too much of makeup!”
“She’s so fake!”
These are a few phrases that we as females hear a lot.
There is so much wrong with that stigma. Makeup is so much more than just products people put on their face to look “pretty”. It is a form of self-expression. But times are gradually changing; people’s perspective about makeup is changing. Like every other profession, there needs to be importance of makeup the same way.
It is a lifestyle and a hobby that people find themselves lost in. It is something that most people who choose to wear make-up find to be relaxing and exhilarating at the same time. It is a chance to enhance ones features, rather than used as a form to cover them up –there is absolutely nothing wrong with people wanting to look their best and how they feel. Make-up has changed drastically in recent years along with the drastic changes to social media, and while this gains opportunity, this also opens windows for continued ridicule from thousands of anonymous voices. These voices carry out a stigma that comes with make-up and those who wear it. This stigma involves the belief that those who wear make-up are insecure about how they actually look, that they are wearing make-up only with the intention to impress a significant other, or that they use it because they are ashamed of what they were born with. Make-up has been thought of as a physical “lie” that people wear and becomes source of judgment, causing many to be ashamed for their love of wearing it.
“People should wear it for themselves and only themselves.”
To sum up, makeup is advantageous for the users. It is just to be used in a correct and proper way.
Makeup is just as true an art form as any other. Makeup is a way to put mind at rest and let the creative side of you flow.
Makeup is for expressing oneself, to feel confident, to have a little fun, and it is unequivocally not for anyone else.
“Makeup is art
Makeup is passion
Makeup is expression”
And that is the power of makeup.

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